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My oh my, Marshall! You are two months old!

Another month has zoomed right by us. Your daddy and I have just been amazed at your growth this month. You are definitely growing in size. We’ve already got you in size two diapers, and you are already pushing the limits of some of your 0-3 month outfits. And at the end of the day, my back and neck are telling me you are getting much heavier! Plus, you are finally getting those adorable chubby baby cheeks, and some cute little fat rolls have appeared on your arms and legs.

You’re growing in other ways too.

You are usually sleeping for longer stretches at night. Most nights you have at least one four to five hour stretch of sleep between meals. And most of the time you are needing much less soothing from us to fall asleep. You still like to nurse yourself to sleep most nights, and we still rock and sway you a lot. But the days of the fast-paced jiggling and bouncing seem to be gone. Often when I am holding and swaying you in an attempt to put you back down to sleep, you will squirm around until you get yourself into the perfect position for nuzzling my neck or elbow. So you are becoming a much more active player in the go to sleep game.

This month you have also found your hands! You do better with the right one better than the left, but you like to suck on your fists. You haven’t quite figured out how to separate your thumb from your fingers so that you can just suck on it yet. I have a feeling that once you figure that out, you’re going to prefer it to your pacifier. Also, I think you have finally stopped crossing your eyes. You used to do it so often, and every time I would hear my mother’s voice saying “Stop that! They’ll get stuck like that!” I was a bit worried that it might be true. Thankfully, you seem to have outgrown it.

I’m really impressed with how well you can hold your head up too. You don’t enjoy tummy time as much as you once did, but you’ll tolerate it for a little while if you’re laying on someone’s chest or lap. However, you seem to really like to sit upright and look around. You’ve still got a ways to go before you can do it without any help, but you’re off to a great start!

Perhaps the biggest development this month has been your increased awareness of the people around you. You watch us from across the room and follow us with your eyes. You study our faces as we look at you and talk to you. You make all sorts of noises as if you’re trying to communicate with us. You smile! You even have multiple kinds of smiles. Sometimes you keep your mouth closed and your lips just stretch across your face slightly. Sometimes you give a little smirk with just one corner of your mouth turned up. Usually, though, your mouth opens wide into an adorable toothless grin that I would never tire of seeing.

You are also starting to imitate us–particularly your daddy when he sticks his tongue out at you. Some of our best moments with you now are when you are getting your diaper changed. It’s something that you used to absolutely hate, but now it’s a wonderful opportunity to have that close face-to-face interaction. You give us some of your biggest, best smiles when you’re laying on your changing table.

This month we’ve enjoyed getting you outside of the house more. We’ve had you in church and stores and restaurants and, as of this week, even a hotel. You have met many new friends and family members. And you even took your first trip out of the state. Of course, all of that is possible because you’re starting to tolerate your car seat a little better. It’s still not your favorite place to be, but you don’t scream quite as much these days. Bath time is still the highlight of your day. It’s one of my favorite times of the day too. I can’t wait until you start to become more interested in your toys. I have a feeling bath time will become even more fun then.

I love you!

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