My oh my, Marshall! You are four months old (as of yesterday)!

I am writing this post while sitting on the couch, drinking coffee, and watching you play in your ExerSaucer. You love that thing! And you have grown enough that you can touch the bottom with your feet and sit without any extra cushioning around you. You spin yourself around in it, going from toy to toy. You definitely prefer the toys that make noise and light up. Although, right now I think your favorite “toy” is the tv remote! You also still enjoy your singing snail and your Sophie giraffe. Instant favorites were a cheap set of plastic rings that now goes everywhere you go and a musical aquarium that we attached to the side of your crib.

This month you have gained so much more control over your hands. You easily grab anything and everything with both hands. Often, your next move is to pull the goodies into your mouth. I even caught you trying to sample the lettuce when we were grocery shopping the other day! You have definitely entered the phase of exploring by taste. And the drool! Oh, it is everywhere. That, combined with the vigor of your chewing, has me wondering if it won’t be long before we see some teeth popping through your gums. We can’t wait to see you sinking those gums into some pureed food! Right now you are still just eating breastmilk. This week we are working on getting you more used to drinking from a bottle so you can hang out with just your daddy or a babysitter for awhile sometimes. You let us have a couple nights out on our own this past month, and you did okay except that you refused to eat!

I am so happy to report that your daytime napping has been great lately! You typically still wake up at that pesky 45-minute mark. But more often than not you are able to get yourself back to sleep. Sometimes you get a little help from your aquarium. You have also been staying up a little longer between naps–usually about two hours. So we have fallen into a pretty nice three-nap routine with a 7am wakeup and 7pm bedtime. The best part of the routine is that we usually get a solid two hours of family time in the evening that often consists of dinner, a walk around the neighborhood, and a bath before putting you to bed.

This month you have gotten even more vocal. You make all sorts of funny noises. And you have discovered that screaming can be a useful form of communication even when you’re not upset. Your best consonant sounds are M and B, though you throw in a D and N once in awhile too. I love “talking” with you while you are getting your diaper changed.

One of your dad’s favorite activities is to help you “march.” You are such a strong boy! You love to stand on our laps and push your feet down into our legs. And sometimes you move one foot in front of the other like you are trying to walk! You certainly seem like you are ready to get moving. You have mastered rolling from your tummy to your back. You don’t do it very often, though. You prefer to stay on your tummy so that you can scooch yourself around to get to your toys. Just in the last week or so you’ve been rolling from your back to your side too. It helps you to either grab your toes or to use your feet to hit or grab a toy that is just out of reach of your hands. I love sitting back and watching you play. I can see the wheels in your brain moving as you try to figure everything out. You are so clever!

Before I wrap this up I should add that you got to take another trip to Kentucky this month. We were there to say goodbye to Granny because she went to Heaven. I am so glad she got to meet you, and I will never forget how happy you both were to see each other when she was in the hospital. Her advice to us in raising you was to give you “firm rules with gobs of love.” Sounds good to me.

Okay. That’s all for now. I love you, babe.

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