“I think he’s just gotten used to waking up around 2:30. I’m not so sure he’s really hungry. Maybe I should try to soothe him back to sleep without nursing him and just see what happens.”

I had been thinking it for a few days and voiced it aloud to Jon yesterday. When we went to bed, I was ready with my new game plan.

At 2:20, I was awake. Our fluffiest cat was kneading my head, I was burning up, and I had to use the bathroom. I didn’t want to wake Marshall up, but I had to get out of that bed. He’d be waking up soon anyway, I figured.

I went to the bathroom and crawled back into bed. At 2:25, he started peeping. Jon reassured me that my floor-creaking probably had nothing to do with it since he usually wakes up around that time. I closed my eyes, waiting to see if he was really awake or not before rushing into his room.

He peeped again. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. 3:30! Marshall must have gotten himself back to sleep without my help!

I heard him stirring in his sleep a few more times, but he didn’t wake up for real until 6:15. Amazing. He is always full of surprises. Thankfully, this was a good one!