My oh my, Marshall! You are seven months old!

You are closer to 1 than 0. We have already started discussing your first birthday party and gifts. Which is just crazy! This first year of your life is really zooming by.

This past month has been so enjoyable. It started off in Florida. We spent a few days at the beach, and we had so much fun watching you dig your toes into the sand and stare at the waves with wonder–and a bit of apprehension–as they approached.

When we got back home it was time to start swimming lessons. You are our little water baby! You did so well kicking and paddling and floating. You learned to spit water out when it got in your mouth, and you did great holding your breath the few times you went under water.

We have had the fortune of visiting with quite a few family members and friends this month. You are doing so much better with letting other people hold you and play with you. I’m so proud of you for being so brave.

You also made a new furry friend this month. We adopted Granny’s cat, Red, and you and he hit it off right away. He loves to nuzzle your face, and you love to grab his hair. Remember to have gentle hands, Marshall. šŸ™‚ Now if only you could mediate for he and the other two kitties, we’d be all set.

Besides the cats, you also like to play with your stackable rings, your Rudolph monkey, and your cell phone the most. You seem to be getting a bit tired of your ExerSaucer, but you still love hanging out in your jumper. If you had your way, you’d probably spend all day chewing on the TV remote and our iPhones. I suppose you’d also spend some time getting to know the robot vacuum. Basically, you want everything that you’re not allowed to have. I imagine we only have about 17 more years of that to go, huh?

For about a week or so you had two favorite noises, and you made them constantly. One was a tooting sound, and the other was a somewhat creepy, breathy sound that is really hard to describe. Anyway, you and I or you and Daddy would go back and forth for several minutes at a time making these noises. And then one day you woke up and were over it.

You are finally enjoying music, though! We have been singing to you since you were born, and I play music practically all day, but until recently you haven’t had much of a reaction. Your current favorite song is “The Wheels on the Bus.” My favorite to sing to you, though, is “Miracle” by Renee & Jeremy. It is the sweetest song I have ever heard, and I think it was written just for you. “Everything is possible cause you’re a miracle. Everything is possible when you’re around. Cause you’re a miracle, uh huh. A little miracle, oh yeah.” So true, Marshall.

These days you spend a lot of time on the floor either sitting up and playing or crawling around. You recently mastered the transition between sitting and laying on your tummy, though you can’t do the reverse just yet. Your crawling isn’t true crawling, but you are moving! You can get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth, but when you get ready to go, you flop onto your tummy and use your arms to drag the rest of your body along behind you. It is really adorable. And you are fast!

We just purchased a play cage to keep you contained a little bit. The first night we set it up, you pulled yourself up from sitting to standing by hanging onto it. It was pretty incredible. It was also a bit alarming, as we realized that you might be able to do that on the side of your crib and topple out! We lowered your crib mattress just in case.

Speaking of toppling, you got your first real boo boo this month. You were sitting up and playing and you leaned a little bit too far to the side. Your bouncy seat was a bit too close, and you bopped your forehead on the side of it. It left a little scrape, but after nursing for a couple minutes you seemed to forget all about it.

Most days you still nurse like it is going out of style. You are always so distracted by everything going on around you that you can’t focus long enough to eat a full meal. That results in you having a ton of little snacks throughout the day. Supposedly, babies your age eat 4-5 times a day. You eat about double that.

Thankfully, most of your eating happens during the daytime hours, though. When we got home from vacation your sleeping was pretty out of whack. It has taken you the better part of the month to settle back into good night and day sleep. You still aren’t back to sleeping through the night, but I think you’re getting closer. Last night you didn’t wake up until 5am, and after a pretty quick nursing session, you went back to sleep for a couple hours. Keep up the good work, little man. You and Mommy and Daddy are all much happier when you sleep well.

Although you are still getting most of your nutrition from breastmilk, you have been playing with solid food this month too. We have all but abandoned pureed foods in an attempt to let you learn to feed yourself and learn to chew rather than just swallowing. You don’t actually ingest much food, but you love exploring the tastes and textures. We even let you have a super messy pasta meal. It is really fun to watch you make a big mess. Not as fun to clean up, but that’s okay. The foods you’ve enjoyed most are avocado, toast, orange, strawberry, apple, and green pepper.

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