My oh my, Marshall! You are eight months old!

Actually, you’ve been eight months old for a full week now! I am behind. Sorry!

By this point, I suppose it’s no surprise that I am still gushing over you. Like every other month of your life, this past one was incredible. We marvel at you everyday. I swear you are actually getting beauty sleep at night because every morning you hop up out of the crib looking more handsome than you did when you went to bed. My wish for you is that you see yourself the way I do for the whole of your life.

Anyway, back to the task at hand.

You are growing like a weed! We had to ditch the 6-9 month clothes. You’re now in 12 month everything, and a few of those outfits are already looking tight!

You are still loving that momma milk more than anything else. You rediscovered your raspberry-blowing abilities and realized that it’s a good tool to use when you don’t want something in your mouth. Some days you nibble a little on whatever finger foods or purees we offer you, but most of the time you just blow it all back out. I don’t even know that you have any favorite solid foods anymore. Previously you liked bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and strawberries. But now, well, you like milk. Oh, and you love drinking water from your sippy cup, though you’re still mastering doing it on your own.

I am extremely happy to report that you’ve been sleeping fairly well. Nearly every day you take two great naps. You have worked your way up to staying up three hours between naps, and then you’re up either three or four hours before bedtime. Pretty impressive, son! You usually nap for a total of 3.5-4 hours each day, and at night you sleep about 11 hours. You are still getting up to eat in the night, but more often than not it’s just once, and usually it doesn’t take very long. Some other kids’ moms say they enjoy those quiet, snuggly moments with their babes in the middle of the night. I am not one of them, Marshall. You can start sleeping the whole night through anytime you want!

You have become much more vocal this past month. You make this funny little clicking noise with your mouth, you do plenty of hollering, and you do lots of da, ba, fa and ya babbling. Where did the ma ma ma go? Of course, nothing is purposeful yet, but it’s fun to hear you “talk.” We’ve been working on sign language, and I think you might be starting to recognize the milk sign. Or maybe you recognize the word when I say it. I imagine you’re still a ways from signing back to us, though.

The biggest change in you this past month is in your mobility. You finally figured out true crawling, and once you did it a couple times, you were all set. You are zooming around on all fours now like it’s no big deal! You also have no problem these days going from crawling to sitting and back again. Then toward the end of the month you really started pulling up on things every chance you got. We’ve been letting you play with a cardboard box that is the perfect height for you to pull up and practice standing. But you also pull up on the bathtub, couch, your little music center, your exersaucer, and me! Oh, and I caught you pulling up on the side of your crib, so we had to lower your mattress again. You are practically sleeping on the floor now. You do a bit of cruising, but it’s still pretty wobbly.

You still enjoy playing with your noisy toys and anything that is easy to get into your mouth to chew on. You have started showing more interest in your balls. I think you are finally grasping the concept of books as something more than a chew toy. Well, not entirely. You still want to chew on them. But you also sometimes sit back and watch us turn the pages and smile as you stare at the pictures and listen to the story. More and more you are realizing that A causes B. The most obvious place I see it is when we–or you–turn the lights and the radio on and off. And peek-a-boo is starting to elicit lots of laughter from you–especially when you’re daddy is the one doing it!

What else is there to tell you?

Oh, a few more things. You have an outdoor swing now that you love. And you were ridiculously fearless from the very first moment we put you in it. I have a feeling your daddy isn’t going to have to twist your arm to ride rollercoasters with him. You have almost entirely stopped spitting up–finally! And you’re getting your third tooth. You had a couple fussy days, and I peeked in your mouth, and one of your top middle teeth is working its way down. It hasn’t yet broken through, but it is so, so close. Please remember, Marshall – no biting Mommy!

I love you, baby.

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