My oh my, Marshall! You are ten months old!

Double digits, my dear.

You continue to be our “super baby.” You are so big! At your nine month check-up you weighed 21 pounds and 10.5 ounces, which puts you in the 76th percentile. And you were 29.5 inches tall, which puts you in the 81st percentile. This past month you grew out of some of your 12 month clothes, and we had to go shopping for 18 month stuff.

Momma milk is still keeping you going these days, but you’re gradually eating more and more solid food. Our greatest successes this month have been Cheerios, Goldfish crackers, barley teething biscuits, mini rice cakes, all sorts of baby cereals, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, applesauce, mashed bananas, green beans, peas, carrots, and black beans. Generally, you are great at trying new foods, but you aren’t too keen on swallowing most of it. It’s too bad, really, because you missed out on some seriously good food at Thanksgiving!

You’ve had a big month in the sleep department. Some parts good and some parts not so good. I am thrilled to report that you have been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. We sometimes hear you making little peeps during the night, but you’re doing great getting yourself back to sleep. I hope you’re enjoying it. We sure are. The flip side is that your napping went haywire recently. We’ve been messing around with the timing of your naps a bit, and I think we’re settling into a new schedule. You are able to stay up long enough in the morning before your first nap that there have been some days that you haven’t been able to get a second nap, and on days that you do, it’s a pretty short one. It seems nuts to move you to one nap already, but if that’s what it takes for you to be tired enough to sleep, then so be it!

You are continuing to move your body all over this house. Your speed and confidence have really increased this month. You pull up on anything and everything, and you cruise down the couch and from chair to chair with ease. You have a couple walk-behind toys now that you’re starting to get the hang of, though they sometimes like to take off a little too quickly for your liking. You have been toying with the idea of climbing the stairs for awhile now, and you finally figured out how to lift your knees to get up them. Once you figured out the first step, you were gone! You have a great technique that involves using only your knee on the left side and only your foot on the right.

You enjoy listening and bebopping to music. And touching the pictures in your books as we read them. Also playing peek-a-boo–you’ve even started initiating it. You can’t stand to see a block or ring or cup tower being built. You must crash them. Simple toys like wooden spoons keep you busy. Your ultimate favorite right now is lights. You love love love them. We walk into a room and you immediately grin and stretch your hand up in the air toward the light.

It seems that you’re too busy being a mover and a shaker to work on your communication skills much. You make lots of noises–screams and squeals and grunts and growls and all kinds of consonant noises. But still no “mama” or “dada” or other words. You have, however, started a little bit of signing just in the last few days. Your first sign was “all done.” You do one other that we think is “drink,” but it’s possibly a wave or “milk.” Hopefully you’ll pick up others soon.

This past week I’ve really wished that you could communicate better because you have just not been yourself. You have been uninterested in playing on your own, you’ve wanted to be held a lot more than usual, you’ve been nursing more, and you have been awfully whiny. Possibly you’ve got more teeth coming in, as you’ve also been drooling and biting a lot more than normal. You already have 8 teeth! I hoped you’d get a break for awhile, but maybe not. I hate it when you are unhappy and uncomfortable and I can’t fix it.

A couple important firsts this month–first football game, which was the Monon Bell game at Wabash, and your first haircut!

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