My oh my, Marshall! You are twelve months old!

One whole year has passed since you were born. 365 days!

Every day of your life I have held you, hugged you, kissed you, and nursed you. Every day I have loved you. And every day I have been amazed by you. You are so far from your newborn days now, and I am curious to see how much you will grow and change in the next year. It is such a treat to be able to witness and play a role in your life. I feel so honored to be your mommy.

Like I said in last month’s post, you have really slowed down your pace of growing. You are comfortable still in twelve month pants and eighteen month shirts. You’re also still wearing the same shoes you’ve been wearing for months. Your hair is really growing, though! You’ve had one hair cut, but for now we’re just letting it grow. I think long hair might suit you. You’re working on three new teeth right now. Your upper canines and one upper molar are working their way through your gums. Once they’re through, you’ll have a total of 11 teeth! Crazy.

You are still sleeping great. You had a brief period of rough nights, which coincided with teething and a runny nose. You’ve been doing much better the past several nights, though. And most days you’re napping close to two hours.

This month you’ve really started eating more solid foods. You still love fruit the most, but you’ve been eating more of a variety of foods. I love that you will at least try foods–usually two or three times–before deciding that they’re losers. You still supplement your food with momma milk, but we’re down to only nursing in the morning and evening now. I’m so proud of how well you’ve handled weaning so far. You are such a champ.

You are such a joy to play with, Marshall. You’re very silly, and thankfully, you love that we are silly. Your favorite toys lately have been the ones that make music. You love listening to music, and you have adorable dance moves. If you’re standing, you bounce your tush up and down a bit, or you do a very slow squat up and down that doesn’t follow the rhythm of the music at all. You also dance in your chair at the table and on the changing table by wiggling your head back and forth from side to side. And when you’re listening to music, your whole face just lights up. It is beautiful. You also really enjoy books right now. For your birthday, we got you an orange reading chair. It has pockets on the sides for your books. You climb up in it, turn around and sit down, and then you “read” your books. Sometimes, of course, you forget to sit down and we hold our breath thinking you’re going to fall out of it!

Your walking seems to be at a stand still. You can take some steps. You’ve done it plenty of times. But you aren’t convinced that you’re ready to really walk. You are just very apprehensive still. You prefer to hold someone’s hand while you walk. And when you’re playing, you prefer to either sit or to stand at something that you can hold onto. You’ll get there, I’m sure. You just have to keep practicing.

The biggest event this month in your life is that you started daycare. You’ve been going for about two and a half weeks now. The first few days were tough on all of us, but you adjusted much quicker and easier than I thought you would. You are sleeping great, eating great, and drinking…some. You’re gradually getting more comfortable with the other kids, and I think you already adore your teachers. I know they adore you. They tell me you are very affectionate with them, and you love to dance and do crafts. It’s a little strange knowing that you have this separate life from us now, but I am so happy that you’re getting to experience new people and activities.

We have had a few rounds of celebrating your birthday over the past week. I hope someday we can tell you all about it and you will know how much you are loved and appreciated. You are so much more than we could’ve ever dreamed you’d be. Thank you for bringing so much light and life to our home this past year. I love you always, Marshall.