I always imagined there would be a distinct moment when he would finally say some word we’d been trying to get him to repeat for ages. We would do a little happy dance. And we would mark it as his first word and try to convince him to show it off to anyone who would listen.

I was wrong.

I have no idea what his first word was! Does he have to use a word correctly for it to count? What if it only sort of sounds like the word i think he’s trying to say? When he asks me someday, what am I going to tell him?

I suppose I can tell him that his first words were signed, and they were “all done.” Then came the signs for milk, light, more, hi and bye, and eat.

I can tell him that he spoke “mama” and “dada” for a very long time before he knew what they meant. Now he uses them appropriately, and in the past two weeks he has become quite the talker.

I’ll tell him that in the span of a couple weeks–just shy if 13 months old–he has started saying hi, bye, kitty, shoes, more, cheese, and uh oh.

And I will most certainly tell him that watching his vocabulary develop has been just incredible.