The first year Jon and I filled out NCAA basketball tournament brackets together, I whooped him big time. It was especially crushing for him because I picked randomly haphazardly while he put quite a bit of time and thought into it. I think he’s done better than me every year since, but I still like to rub it in any chance I can get.

This year we both have new, fresh competition.

Marshall just filled out his very first bracket. Since he’s not so great with a pencil yet, we helped him out with the writing. But he picked his teams all on his own.

For each match-up we set him up with two letters to choose from, each one representing a school. M for Michigan, G for Gonzaga, O for Ohio State. You get the idea.



IMG_6326eIMG_6356e We learned tonight that Marshall’s favorite letter is I. It all came down to #1 Indiana University, where Jon and I earned three of our combined four degrees, or #15 Iona.


Marshall made an interesting choice. Apparently, he’s a fan of the underdog.