We had such an incredible Easter weekend! This was Marshall’s second Easter, but the first one that he could really enjoy since he was only a couple months old at this time last year. We flew out to Virginia to visit his brand new cousin, Daphne, and her parents. From start to finish, it was just perfect.


He loved running all over the airport while we waited for our flight.


And as long as he could nurse, look out the window, destroy the Sky Mall catalog, and watch the overhead light go on and off, he was a totally chill kid on the plane.


He  had a ton of fun exploring all the nooks and crannies of his aunt and uncle’s house. He put himself to good use by pointing out all the non-baby-proof areas to them.


He wasn’t too sure what to make of baby Daphne, but he snuggled up to her for a few minutes.


We also enjoyed the warm weather by exploring the neighborhood and playing on the playground. Marshall had a lot more fun learning about shadows on the ground than he did going down the slide.


On Sunday morning we had a little Easter egg hunt in the backyard. Marshall did such a good job of finding all the eggs, and I’m sure it’s because he’s just brilliant and not because the Easter bunny left them all out in plain sight.


I’m sure at some point he’ll get excited that the eggs often contain fun goodies, but at 14 months he was mostly just excited about the eggs themselves. They kept him entertained for the rest of the day.


Our flight coincided with nap time, and luckily he slept on the plane instead of being a holy terror.


When we finally made it home, we used what little energy we had left to cruise around the block in the stroller and enjoy a special Easter treat.

IMG_6677e IMG_6664e

And finally, one more of my favorite shots from our fun-filled weekend and a comparison from last Easter. This little guy is really on the move. He just says “bye-bye” and is off! Last year his head was still a bit floppy, and he could fit inside an Easter basket! Amazing.