We were on the go again this past weekend. We made a short trip down to KY to visit family. Marshall amazed us again by being the perfect travel partner. He has really turned a corner, it seems. He is able to nap for extended periods of time in the car, he can entertain himself (mostly with his socks and shoes) fairly easily in the car, and he is actually sleeping in his own bed when we’re away from home for both naps and night-time. I am so glad that I can now look forward to traveling with him instead of dreading it! Anyway, we didn’t get to stay nearly as long as I wish we could, and half of us were fighting off bugs, but we managed to have a pretty good time. It helps that the weather was amazing. Marshall had a blast playing outside with his grandma, uncle, and older cousin. We blew bubbles and then just ran around, which apparently, is major fun for little fellas.




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