It’s such a simple thing. Except to us, it’s not.

We knew him when he was barely knowable. Just a little cluster of cells.

And now he is just WOW! Our big boy.

Tonight I was making dinner. I asked Jon to lift him up to stove level. I reached into the bowl of cheese, grabbed a handful, and sprinkled it into the pot. Then I asked him to try it. Without hesitation he repeated my actions. He helped me make dinner. 

I know that he is going to do much grander things in life, and I know I should temper my excitement or else I’ll end up having a heart attack by the time he pedals down the street on a tricycle all by himself. But I just can’t get over him! He just amazes me with every little move.

I do wish he’d learn to say “momma,” though. I mean, he knows how. But he just isn’t into it. Everything is “dadda dadda dadda.”

He loves music. He dances at the dinner table with us, swaying back and forth and waving our arms around above our heads.

He sings “Row your boat” and “The itsy bitsy spider” as if they’re one song, alternating between the motions for each.

One of his favorite activities is flopping on the couch. He throws himself onto the pillows and blankets and rolls back and forth.

He’s gotten braver with the cats recently. At least Rupert since Josie steers clear of him. We’re working on using “gentle hands.” Tonight he shared his ball with Rupert, throwing it around the living room for him to chase.

We finally got tired of reading Goodnight Moon every night, so we’ve been mixing it up a bit. One of Marshall’s favorite books right now is From Head to Toe. He listens so attentively and watches us as we imitate the actions of the animals in the book. Then he claps his hands like a seal, stomps like an elephant, and thumps his chest like a gorilla.

Of course, in true toddler fashion, he is a fairly picky eater and prefers to throw food around the dining room instead of eating it. I suppose he might not be perfect after all. 😉