I made my confession to Jon last night, and now I’ll make it to you too. I’m in love with Marshall. If I could marry him, I would. I mean, not really…but maybe, if I could. 😉

He is just the most amazing person.

Jon and I were laying in bed last night imagining who he might become. Jon put his money on astrophysicist or something brainy like that.

I responded that I just didn’t think Mars would ever be able to choose just one profession. He’s too well-rounded.

“He is smart and analytical but also so sweet and caring but also funny and dramatic and so sassy too! He’s such a renaissance man!”

I got just a little bit carried away, I’ll admit.

I could feel poor Jon’s face drooping, so I added, “He’s just like his daddy.”

Seriously, there is not a moment that passes that I am not just in awe of this boy that we are raising. I feel so lucky to be able to stand witness to his becoming.