Well, the theme continues from my last post. Marshall’s language development is just exploding. He says more and more every day. It is truly astonishing. I read the other day that many kids know one to two thousand words by the time they are three years old. I would have been shocked by that if it weren’t for the fact that I’m watching the leaps and bounds that Marshall is making.

The short of it is this. He talks constantly. And there are very few moments in which we can’t understand what he is saying. And usually those moments are when he is “singing” or “reading” a book. He no longer just babbles. He understands the basics of conversation–meaning we have real back and forth conversations (though simple). And he puts words together to form phrases. He is great at picking up words that we use, and more impressively, he seems to understand their meaning.

For example. He has been playing with a colander in the tub. He calls it his “hat.” He lifts it up from the water and makes it “rain.” Then he turns it over and lets it get “stuck” on the bottom of the tub. We pout and say “oh man.” He then lifts it up, beaming, and says “unstuck!” Rinse, lather, repeat. It’s one of his favorite games right now. So the other day he is standing in front of the couch trying his hardest to pull a blanket off the couch that has gotten stuck in the cushions. And he starts fussing “stuck! stuck! help!” I was in awe that he had transferred the meaning of “stuck” to a new situation with new objects. He really got it!

We are noticing that his memory is getting more advanced as well. He hadn’t played in his wagon for probably close to a month. And I don’t ever recall him saying the word “wagon” before. Out of the blue, he started trying to open the door to the garage where the wagon is and was hollering “wagon!” Also, there is a park down the street that has trails leading to a creek. We went to the creek only twice over the summer. I took him to the park for a picnic a couple weeks ago, and as soon as we pulled up he started pointing to the trees and saying “wa wa” (water)!

Additionally, this child apparently knows his numbers. We work on one, two, and three at home. I had no idea he was capable of more! The other day he just kept counting and made it all the way to ten! Granted, he forgot the six and nine, but seriously, my jaw was on the floor. Two thumbs up for daycare! And colors, animals, and animal sounds are all old hat by now.

Before becoming a mom I had a hard time understanding how parents could get so excited about these kinds of things. I get it now. I get it. Being able to communicate our ideas and feelings is such a huge part of experiencing life. And what more could I want for him than to be able to fully experience the world around him?