Oh my poor little neglected family blog! I cannot believe it has been so long since I have written here! Where do I even begin???

Marshall is 2.5 years old now. He is funny. Truly funny. I just told Jon the other day that I sometimes find myself laughing just to humor him, but other times I find myself honestly laughing out loud at something he has said or done. He is smart beyond belief. He often connects the dots more quickly than I do. And his memory is so sharp! He is so incredibly sweet. He gives the best hugs and kisses. It upsets him to see others upset. He says “I’m sorry,” and “Are you okay?” He kisses our boo-boos. He prays before meals and says “Thank you for our family.” And we just melt. He is sensitive and gets his feelings hurt, perhaps a little too easily sometimes. He still has clingy moments when he’s in a new place or with new people, but he is also becoming rather independent. He wants to do things on his own. And we are slowly learning to let him. He loves trips to the Children’s Museum. He loves to be outside. He loves movies. His favorites include Monsters, Inc., The Neverending Story, and Frozen. He is very imaginative. We do a lot of pretend play. On any given day he might be a Chinese terra cotta warrior, Bumblebee, or Princess Anna. He repeats everything we say, which miraculously hasn’t bitten us in the you know what yet. Lol. Marshall’s favorite food is pizza, surprise surprise. He sleeps in a crib still. 11 hours most nights. And a 2-3 hour nap during the day. He only uses his “pow pow” a little bit here and there. He nurses every other day or so. Every time I wonder if it might be our last. He just moved up to the older 2-year-olds room at school and is now officially a preschooler. He is in undies during the day now and has been having very few accidents. He even decided on his own last weekend that he’d start standing up to pee like Daddy. He continues to love music and knows a billion songs. He picks them up so easily and remembers them long after we’ve forgotten them. He loves to read books. We have a rather extended period of reading before bed nowadays. His vocabulary is ever-growing. He has been speaking in full sentences for so long now that it is hard to remember a time when he couldn’t. What else can I say? He is still my perfect guy. We are so lucky to have him in our lives, and we are just in constant awe of him.

In other news, I finished nursing school in May. Passed boards in June. Accepted a job offer in July. Started working in August. Yes, ladies in gentlemen! You read that correctly. I am now an employed nurse. I am working on a Maternity unit doing both labor and delivery and postpartum. I am still on cloud nine.

We had a lot of fun over the summer. We traveled to St. Louis and Gatlinburg. Visited parks and rode bikes on the Monon. Went to a 4th of July parade and the State Fair. Spent time with family and friends. Celebrated mine and Jon’s birthdays.

And that’s probably enough for now. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite recent photos of my little monkeekee.