Four days ago I sat with Marshall on the couch, and we talked about weaning. I’ve been laying the foundation for many months now. And for a long while he’s nursed only once or twice a day, typically for only a couple minutes. I’ve been saying to him that some day he’ll feel big enough that he doesn’t need “ninnies” anymore. That some day he’ll be ready to tell them goodbye. And that some day Mommy’s ninnies won’t have any more milk. Until four days ago he’d say “yes, Mommy” that he understood. And then he’d say he’s not big yet and ask to nurse. But four days ago he said he was ready to say goodbye. He nursed one last time, he said they were empty, and he waved goodbye. Honestly, I didn’t think it would stick. I assumed he’d change his mind. I thought we’d still go back and forth for awhile. But it’s been four days, and he hasn’t asked once. And there have been lots of moments of sleepiness, hunger, hurt, and upset that historically would’ve prompted a request. So I feel pretty confident saying that my little nursling is weaned. My goal was to nurse exclusively for six months and continue with complementary foods until he was a year old. I never imagined we would make it this far. 35 months! It has been an incredible journey that has taught me a great deal about patience and compromise. And it has made me love my body in a way I didn’t know possible. I’m so proud of my ability to nourish and nurture him in this way for so long. And now we are learning new ways of being together and enjoying each other’s company. And so far, so good.