My sweet thing is THREE years old. And has been for some time now! We have been keeping busy, and I am disappointed in myself for not keeping up with blogging. I am making it a goal to get back to blogging more regularly, though. I love the idea of creating a sort of keepsake for us, for him, to have someday when these memories start to fade.

When Marshall was just a baby and I started recording our moments together it felt so much easier than it does now. I think a big reason that I have shied away from blogging here is that it is becoming so much harder to reduce Marshall to a few words on a page. There is no way to convey all the details that I want to remember. It just feels like too big of a task to explain the words, gestures, tone, attitude, and facial expressions, that go along with stories about him. Much less the inspiration, meaning, and connection that moments with him are made of. There is just so much every day. And now that I’m behind it feels too hard to catch up! Haha!

So I’m not going to try to catch up. But I am going to try to make an effort to get back on track here. Ideally, I’ll go back and share some photos of the times that I’ve left out here and maybe some stories here and there. But at the least, I’m going to do better moving forward.


At three years old, I’d describe Marshall as equal parts sweet, smart, and sassy. Most of the time he is incredibly well-behaved. He understands that good and bad behavior result in good and bad consequences. He is curious and inquisitive. He listens well, and we have great conversations about the world around us and how to be good people in that world. He is in touch with his emotions, and he is very affected by others’ emotions. He is sensitive and sometimes gets hurt perhaps a little too easily. He impresses me with his ability to articulate how he is feeling and what he needs to get to a better place. At least sometimes. And other times he needs help doing that. He loves to pretend. And right now his fascination lies primarily with Transformers. He also loves dinosaurs, bugs, playing eye-spy, and his favorite TV show is Octonauts. He has a major sweet tooth, as I assume most kids do, and right now he’s winning the battle against vegetables. He regularly fusses about going to school in the mornings, but then is also dissatisfied with leaving school in the afternoons. He plays soccer at school, and he just started playing at the gym on the weekends. Sharing and taking turns are skills that he is still learning. He loves to be outside throwing rocks in the water, picking flowers, and finding big sticks. He gives great kisses, and curling up in our laps and snuggling is sometimes still his favorite thing to do. In the past few months he has really come out of his shell a lot more. He is now much less timid with meeting new people and seems much more comfortable in new situations. It is such a delight to watch him grow, and I am so proud of the person he is.

That’s all for now. 🙂