Wowza, Wallace! You are two months old. I was just telling your daddy yesterday that it seems like you have been with us for much longer. We’ve had a busy month! You’ve been out and about with us running errands and visiting Marshall at school. You’ve been to the Children’s Museum and the Y. You’ve been hiking at the park and dipped your toes in the creek (which you hated!). You’ve been out on the Monon a few times, and for Mother’s Day you went on your longest trip yet to Fair Oaks Farms to learn about piggies. We have already bumped you up to a convertible car seat, and I am so pleased to say that you are much, much happier in it than you were in your bucket seat. Generally, you are pretty content. When you get wound up, though, it is heartbreaking. You have the saddest little pouty face, and you scream so hard it seems like you won’t be able to breathe. Evenings are your fussiest times. We are making good use of white noise, swaddling, and of course, lots of nursing! You are eating great, and after having your lip tie and tongue tie revised, nursing seems more comfortable for you and me both. You are quite different from your brother in that you don’t typically nurse to sleep, and nursing is not a guaranteed tool for soothing you. I am curious to see if you will do more comfort nursing as you get older. We will see how much you’ve grown next week at your 2-month checkup, but judging by your rolls, I’d say you’re doing just fine. I doubt we’re going to make it much longer in the 0-3 month clothes you’ve been wearing. You don’t have any set schedule for your days or nights yet, but I think we’re falling into a bit of a routine. You are usually winding down for the night between 8 and 9pm. Your first stretch of nighttime sleep lasts about 4 hours, and then you’re up every 90 minutes to 2 hours to nibble some more. It seems to work out that you’re waking up for the day around the same time everyone else is, though sometimes you’ll go back to sleep while we’re having breakfast. During the day, the timing of your meals and naps are all over the place still. But you generally eat when you wake up and then have about an hour or maybe just a little longer before you are crashing again. Your preference is to be held while you nap or to nap in the Ergo, but you sometimes do okay in the Rock ‘n Play or your swing. Naps don’t last very long, so we just try to ensure that you get plenty of them. You are starting to show more interest in toys. You try to hit/grab them, and you’re becoming more successful all the time–especially with your right hand. You have been flashing us some smiles and you are starting to make some cooing sounds. Now that you’re smiling I am finally getting to see the dimple in your right cheek that I knew was there. I am so thrilled that you’re becoming more curious about your brother. He loves to hug and kiss you, and it is so rewarding for him when you make eye contact and “talk” to him. He can’t wait to play with you! We love you dearly, and we are looking forward to all that you have in store for us in month three.