I am so so so super behind in writing about my little family. It seems that there are just too many sweet moments happening every day to find time to record them. But I hope someday I can look back at these posts and they’ll help me spark some memories. So I really do want to try harder to find time to write!

Mars has been a four-year-old for four months now! Hard to believe. He is incredibly smart. He always seems a step ahead of us, and the connections he makes are just amazing. It must be exhausting for your mind to be working so hard all the time. He is as sweet as he has always been. He feels things so deeply, and sometimes he has a hard time dealing with his big emotions. Tears sometimes well up out of seemingly nowhere, and it can take us awhile to help him get a handle on what he’s feeling. He is very curious about the world, and we are constantly hearing “why?” from him. Marshall is also VERY silly. He could well end up being the “class clown” some day. He always has a funny story or joke to tell or a funny dance move to share. He is also imaginative and creative. He has a bed full of stuffed animals that sometimes talk to us and each other. He likes to play restaurant where he takes our order and makes us food. Role-playing is definitely a big thing for him right now, and he needs at least one other person to help him carry out whatever story he has going on. When we are busy with chores and his little brother, we often hear, “but who’s going to play with me?” Independent play is hard to come by, but sometimes he enjoys a few minutes of shooting his nerf guns or drawing and coloring. His favorite things to draw right now are rainbows, volcanoes, and submarines. And I think he’s really good at them! He is also excellent at writing his name. And he asks us often how to spell words and what certain letter combinations spell. Even more than letters, he loves numbers. He loves to count, and at bedtime he likes to count by twos and threes to fifty. The Children’s Museum is still one of his favorite places, as I suspect it will be for many years to come. And he’s always up for a Target trip, as long as we get to stop by the toy section. He still loves typical toddler food, as I like to call it–chicken nuggets and mac ‘n cheese. He has been better at trying new foods, though, and he no longer hates all vegetables. Carrots, peas, corn, and potatoes are at least sometimes successful. Mars has been more physically active lately. He gets lots of time to move his body at school, and he took a “ninjanastics” class at the gym recently that has sparked his interest in jumping and climbing and exercising. He likes to show off his muscles and even asked us to get him dumbbells and a resistance band. He’s also taking swim lessons now and is very excited about that. He definitely has a bit of a couch potato in him too, though. He loves to watch movies. Although the Star Wars movies are hard to beat, a current favorite of his is Hercules. One of the best things for Marshall about being four is he is now a big brother. He loves to hug and kiss Wallace, and he is just amazed at every little thing Wallace does. And we are, of course, overjoyed to see the two of them together. Given the age difference, there will be limitations in the activities they can share, but I hope their bond is always a strong one.

Marshall Birch, you bring so much light and love to our lives. We are so proud to be your parents. We love you always.